The two most impactful flies and how to treat them

With summer upon us, so are the problems associated with fly infestations of cattle. Economic losses occur because flies torment cattle, sucking blood from the animals and spreading diseases such as pinkeye. However, effective control measures can keep fly populations … Read More

Sanitation key to solving fly problems

Entomologists like Dave Boxler occasionally receive SOS calls from dairy farmers or feedlot operators chomping at the bit with fly outbreaks. Tours of such facilities typically result in an SOS back to the farmer: shortage of sanitation. “Sanitation is the … Read More

Cleanliness is key to reducing stable-fly outbreaks

“Dave, would you mind giving a sermon on the manure mount?” David Taylor starts laughing. Like other entomologists who have chased flies their entire careers, he has maintained a good sense of humor. “I gather you might be calling about … Read More

16 tips to control flies in cattle feedlots

Potential fly outbreaks in feedlots are just around the corner. That means potential weight losses in cattle, the risk of disease transfer and complaints from neighbors. Regular cleaning, monitoring and maintenance of typical fly-breeding habitats will help reduce fly populations … Read More

Take defense against spring pests

  Spring green up is around the corner, and the warmer temperatures will bring unwelcomeguests—flies and pests—to the farm and ranch.   Sanitation and prevention are the primary keys to managing pest problems in livestock and equine operations. Horn flies … Read More

Work with neighbors to combat flies

Is your own facility producing your fly problem, or are the pests coming from a neighbor’s feedlot, dairy or equine facility? That is often a difficult question to answer, but it points to the importance of working with neighbors to … Read More

Challenging year for face and horn flies

Are you — or should we say your cattle — having “a devil of a time” with face and horn flies this year? If yes, you’re not alone. If no, feel lucky and keep doing what you’re doing. “Populations of … Read More

Keep anaplasmosis out of your cattle

“From a control standpoint, my FIRST recommendation is to avoid introducing the disease in the first place,” said Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine Professor Hans Coetzee. “Don’t buy a problem.” If you are considering purchasing a new herd … Read More

Fly ID critical for successful control

For just a moment, imagine you’re highly touted college football coach Butch Battalion. After practice, athletic director Royce Riches marches into your office and exclaims excitedly, “Hey, Butch, our team got selected by ESPN to play a nationally televised game … Read More

House flies minor annoyance, but major disease carrier

Although house flies may be of only minor direct annoyance to cattle and other animals, their potential for transmitting diseases and parasites is considerable. Severe house fly infestations may increase bacterial counts in milk, and state inspectors routinely note fly … Read More