Bayer to Conduct Large Scale Safety Study on Tolfenpro® Tags

As fly season approaches, ear tags become a go-to fly control option for many producers for their effectiveness and ease of use.

Last year, Bayer Animal Health launched Tolfenpro® ear tags as a new option for producers. However, after early reports of some cattle experiencing eye irritation, Bayer voluntarily recalled the tags in the interest of putting animal health first.

Since that time, Bayer has conducted several trials and has been able to re-create eye irritations similar to those that were reported as adverse events. At this time, the company is hopeful that a modification in the manufacturing process will reduce the incidence of adverse events in the future.

“We understand many producers were looking forward to the relaunch of Tolfenpro tags,” says Bruce Brinkmeyer, insecticides category manager at Bayer. “However, before we are able to do so, we want to make sure that we address potential producer concerns through a large scale field study of the modified tags.”

As fly control remains an important issue for producers, Bayer offers several other ear tag options available this season, including Corathon®, CyLence Ultra® Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag and Patriot™ Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag. Producers also can consider other insecticide options, such as the line of pour ons, sprays, cattle dusts and Rabon® Oral Larvicide.

“Bayer wants to make sure we’re helping producers protect the health of their cattle, including offering fly control products that do so effectively,” says Brinkmeyer.


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