Learning how to properly manage pest problems has just gotten easier, thanks to Bayer HealthCare Animal Health.
Bayer has released four new online training tools to help producers learn and educate employees about proper pest management throughout their operations. The tools, consisting of video modules and quizzes, focus on the defense point system, a four-part program to determine the insecticide needs for your operation.

“We saw the need to create simple training tools for producers so they could get the information they need to not only choose the appropriate products for their operation, but also do so safely and effectively,” says Bruce Brinkmeyer, product manager for Livestock Insecticides at Bayer.

The modules include the following:

  • Insect Identification Module – Trains viewers on common livestock insects. It reviews insects’ characteristics, habit, environment, mode of attack on animals and impact on production.
  • Defense Points Module – Discusses the four defense points on producers’ operations and the relevance of different product categories for insect control.
  • Mode of Action Module – Addresses the three major insecticide mode of action groups and how they function. Also, it discusses resistance among pests and how to rotate products to prevent resistance.
  • Safety Module – Focuses on the importance of personal protection when using insecticides and how to use and handle products safely.

Producers can access the modules, which are available in English and Spanish, by
visiting http://www.bayerlivestock.com/show.aspx/education/training-tools/defense-point-training-modules.