Ambush nasty flies with fast feed-through program

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Tips to prevent late-season fly control breakdowns

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The two most impactful flies and how to treat them

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Technology that aids in lice control

Technology is now available to help ranchers, cattle feeders, dairy operators and horse enthusiasts control both sucking and biting lice in their animals. Most pour-ons only kill adult lice and nymphs, but a pour-on insecticide containing both a pyrethroid insecticide … Read More

Don’t let lousy lice cause lousy problems

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Battle lice by knowing their lifecycle

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Work with neighbors to combat flies

Is your own facility producing your fly problem, or are the pests coming from a neighbor’s feedlot, dairy or equine facility? That is often a difficult question to answer, but it points to the importance of working with neighbors to … Read More

Challenging year for face and horn flies

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Keep anaplasmosis out of your cattle

“From a control standpoint, my FIRST recommendation is to avoid introducing the disease in the first place,” said Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine Professor Hans Coetzee. “Don’t buy a problem.” If you are considering purchasing a new herd … Read More

Don’t get blindsided by anaplasmosis

  Many cattle producers across the country are facing a new bully; and this tag-team is one tough cookie, creating havoc round-the-clock.   Secretly, she goes by Anna PM and he goes by AM Osis, but investigators tracking their every … Read More